Chocolate Chip Cookie Saga

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

-Langston Hughes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Saga

As I sit here at my kitchen table, eating chocolate chip cookies for dinner, because im just too exhausted to even put effort into fixing myself a decent meal. After working for almost nine hours today, and that doesn’t include the commute, there’s an extra hour and a half. Oh, and let’s not forget the extra hour it took to get the kids and myself ready to even get out the door. After coming home and deciding, I’m going to let the kids eat a quick meal tonight, because I had to stay late at work, and the commute was worse than normal. Now before I know it’s 7 o’clock before we’re getting home. And the thought of cooking a real meal, in between feeding twin babies, and making sure I attend to my four year old, who is just as needy as a baby, was  just too exhausting tonight. 

         After getting all the kids in the tub, finding everyone something to wear, and still having to clean the house when I finally got the kids all asleep.

           This is what I do on a daily, so please don’t think I’m complaining. This is just what moms are “supposed to do”.

         Even after giving all my energy away to everything and everybody but myself, all I can say is, “thank God for giving me the strength for one more day”. 

         A mother’s job never ends. And had I known that becoming a mother, would somehow mean I wouldn’t have time for me; outside of the few minutes I steal on my breaks, or in the car on the way to work, I may have considered that birth control. Laughing, but very serious. And that is not to say that I regret my kids, or I wish that I wasn’t a mom. Because honestly, my children bring me the greatest Joy in my life. But, I am talking about me. I’m talking to the creative little girl with all the big dreams. The one who had so much ambition and wanted to change the world. I am talking about my desires, my wants, and my needs. 

         It’s time for me to do something for me. So, I am starting my blog. And no, this is not just a mom blog. Everything else in my life revolves around being a mom. I don’t need to add to the list. This is a personal blog that I want to use to express myself and tell my stories. 

         For me, this is my way of reclaiming my life. I want to connect with others who can relate to me. I want to inspire and encourage my readers, and hopefully get inspired and encouraged by some of you as well. And if nothing else, I can reconnect with myself. I can reclaim part of all my hours spent a day, giving energy to everything and everyone but myself. I will be able to say I made time for me today. 

          Because as I sit here eating chocolate chip cookies, at what is now 1:23 am, I feel great. Let the Journey begin. Welcome to my blog. I look forward to connecting with you all. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that you enjoyed reading so please like, share, and subscribe. 

Thank you

-As Told By Val


  1. Cousin i love good job up the good work us mom’s need this and we also have to some how fine time for are self love cousin 😘😘


  2. Great job this is definitely a blog for all. I can relate to all of this and I will be tuned in. Congratulations cousin you are doing a great thing and I know this will help me and everyone who reads. I will be spreading the word..I am very proud of you and I love you.


    • Awe thank you Dee Dee. You know I love you too. I am doing this for us. So that we can have a voice and a platform to bring our issues and talents to the forefront. I am happy you will be on this journey with me


    • Thank you karamel. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. I hope that I you get to experience all the beautiful things motherhood brings. Thank you for subscribing and deciding to go on this journey in with me. May it be of a blessing to you.


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