What is As Told By Val??

“Only through communication can human life hold meaning.”

Paulo Freire

        If there’s one thing that I know how to do, it’s tell a good story. I love to paint pictures with my words. Since I was a little girl I have always had a love for the art of communication. A love for the power of conversation. Some of the greatest stories and encounters in the history of the World were started by great conversations. 

        So what is As Told by Val? What do I want to bring to the world with my blog? I want to be able to have great conversations on great topics. I want to paint a picture of my views of the world and make genuine communication with my readers. I want to give my readers a view on words like never before.

         I have been through a lot in my life, and if it’s one thing I know its that the power of the tongue is real! It can be life or death in some cases.

As Told by Val is about me sharing my stories and my views. But as you read along and come on this journey with me, I hope that you share your stories and views as well. 

         So let’s raise our glasses and say “cheers” to conversations. Conversations that who knows, may change the world too. So please like, share, subscribe and of course comment so we can start conversing with one another. Thank you.

-As Told By Val

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