A Black &White Affair: A Tale of A Night

“The life you have left is a gift. Cherish it. Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters, now.”

– Leo Babauta

The mood was set for an evening of fun.

Girls dressed to impress, men dressed to tee.

All together we danced, we drank and we smiled. Haven’t had fun like this in a while.

The Dj was rocking and the vibes were just right. As I thought to myself, ” I’m living my best life”. 

  The room was packed with family and friends. Thinking to myself, can this night never end? Because fun was pumping through my veins, and the night and I were young again. 

   But the party was over, it was time to go. The parking lot filled, it was the end of the show. 

  Hugs were passed out. “I love you, Goodbye.” And meanwhile I thought, “what a great night!!”

    So there I was on my way back home, with my sister beside me, but then hunger arose. We thought to ourselves something greasy and quick. “Pizza” we said. “Yes pizza, that’s it.”

So around we turn, to the pizza we go, waiting in line at the Big O. 

  After waiting forever in a tight crowded line. Finally, our turn, but what did we fine? No sausage, no chicken, no pepperoni, just cheese. “Since this is all we have, you can have it for free.” “Yes, thank you please. I’ll have one slice to go”. 

  But one slice of cheese pizza somehow just won’t do. As we thought to ourselves what else can we do? “More pizza”? Of course, more pizza was needed. But this time a wedgie that came fully meated. 

  With no knife to cut it, to split it in half, we decided to wait till we made it home at last. 

A full meat wedgie to end the night,, as you come in and ask your man “babe you want a bite?”

After I eat this wedgie I’ve got something for you. But after the last bite what did I do?

He went to the kitchen to turn off the light, but by the time he came back I was out like a flight, sorry my darling no loving tonight. 

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-As Told By Val


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