Crash: I Accidentally ran into myself

“Sometimes you have to die to your old life to awake in your new self.”

-As Told By Val

A car crash is one of the scariest things you can have happen to you in life. If you make it out alive, it’s a blessing in itself. But most victims of car crashes still are very shaken up when it happens. For me I know this on a personal level. 

   Not too long ago I was involved in a major car wreck that could have cost me and my sister our lives. I was basically ran off the highway by a big truck merging onto the freeway. I swerved to avoid hitting the truck, and ended up losing control, spinning off the highway and crashed into a wall 

“Are we alive?” my sister asked. 

“Yes”, I replied. 

“Then let’s get out of the car before it explodes,” she said.

    We were both so shaken up and in tears. In a panic, I ran back to get my things. I had some valuable stuff in my car at the time. 

    She ended up needing to go to the hospital for minor bruises and contusions. I somehow made it out with only a bruised up shin. But neither of us had any major injuries. Thank God!

     I felt so overwhelmed. All I saw was my life flashing before me. All I could think as I ran into that wall was, this is it. I am about to die. My babies thank God weren’t in the car. My babies, My babies, My babies. I have to make it home to them. 

 But God.

 I survived. 

My sister survived.

   The only thing that was messed up was a car that someone had just donated to me. So I truly took no lost. 

But I did die that day, well part of me anyways.

Sometimes you have to die to your old life to awake in your new self.

    What that car crash made me realize is life is honestly too short. There were so many things that I was putting off because i thought i had time to wait until tomorrow. 

So many people I had wanted to reconnect with but I put it off until tomorrow. 

So many things I wanted to do but I put off until tomorrow. 

What that car crash showed me is that tomorrow isn’t promised today. 

I died that day.

I died to my fears.

I died to my procrastination. 

I died to my stress and my worries. 

And I awoke into my new life. Because now I understand that I have to take my life by the reigns. I can never let another day go by that I wake up and don’t  thank God for the breath in my body. 

Those things that I want. I’m going to get them. No more will I wait till tomorrow. 

I understand now life’s too short. 

I crashed that day, but what I ran into, was myself. 

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-As Told By Val


  1. Yes I was the sister in the crash part of ke definitely dies that day at the Brick wall. Still not sure how I feel about anything but Im no longer afraid of death because when its time its time. Good story though loved it.


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