Don’t Breakdown, Breakthrough!!

The winds of life begin to blow. The start to toss you to and fro.

Worry and stress attack on each side. And here comes depression not far behind. 

Anxiety and fear come with a force. Everything working to knock you off course.

Finances rise they try to take you under. 

And then here comes sickness, with lighting and thunder. 

The storm is raging, you begin to get weak. 

One more blow and you’ll be off your feet. 

But just when you feel like all hope is lost. 

A light starts shinning somewhere far off. 

You remind yourself there’s still a reason to fight. 

You can’t give up you have to make it right.

You cast out your anchor and stand on your ground.

Before you know it the storm settles down.

Life is a battle you can’t easily win. But when you get knocked down, get up again. 

So next time the test comes you know what to do. You don’t break down. You have to breakthrough.

-As Told By Val

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