Fighting Fear with Faith

When life gets hard, there are two options. You either run away and hide or you rise and fight. The difference is that one choice is made out of fear and one choice is made through faith. 

   When you are fearful, you believe that the unknown is something to powerful to face. When you are faithful, you face life knowing that the unknown is where the most power lies.

  Life is a constant rollercoaster and there are always forces that are going to pull you in different directions. There are going to be highs and lows in life.

   I love the highs, but the lows, there is something about the lows. The lows of life are where you find out if you are walking in faith or running in fear. And I am the first to admit that I have personally done both. 

     There were so many times in my life where things would come up and the first way I reacted was out of fear. It’s easy to react in fear because fear plays off our emotions. Its big and loud and wants you to overreact and run and hide. So when bad things happen it’s natural to want to fear. 

  But I have found every time I was afraid of how something would end up or if I would make it through. God was always on time. I always pulled through, I always prevailed and came through shining. So I am beginning to wise up and see that instead of having fear I must keep my faith at all times. 

  So the next time you are facing a situation and fear tries to show its big head up, just have faith. Faith, that the same way you made it through the last test, you will make it through the next one. 

Because life is a rollercoaster. You will always have highs and lows. But when you are in the valley and in the darkest place, you must fight your fear with faith.

-As Told By Val

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