She is Queen

Her strength is her greatest attribute.

She’s beautiful, but it runs deep like a River.

It overflows with love and joy to everyone it touches. 

She’s a product of Mother Earth. 

Her roots are deep as the tree in the ground.

She’s not easily broken. 

She’s like the sun that shines down in the sky. 

She brings light to the room whenever she walks through. 

Her mind is sharp and she can cut with her words.

But she only speaks to inspire. 

She gives life to the world. 

Without her there is no recreation. 

She is majestic and her resilience is her coat of honor. 

Her touch can heal, her love is real, and with her lips she seals the deal. 

She’s a woman.

She’s phenomenal.

She’s strength.

She’s love

She is me

She is Queen..

Repeat that to yourself ladies

-As Told By Val


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