I Am Free..

I just want to be free..

Free like an eagle and spread my wings

Free like the hummingbird, his praises I’ll sing.

Free like the panther, majestic is she.

Free from the stress, no fear holding me.

Free like the owl, so wise and awake.

Free like a conqueror, the world is mine to take.

Free from the walls I built in my heart. 

Free from my past, I want a new start. 

Free from my fears, no more will they hold me.

Free from depression, it was a part of the old me. 

Free like a tree, to dance in the wind.

Free like a Lion, find strength within.

Free from the pain, its sting is now gone.

Free to be happy and sing a new song.

Free from the chains, I can hear them breaking. 

Free from the stress, no more will it shake me.

Free to my purpose, my voice they will hear.

Free to move on because now I am clear,

I am free…

-As Told By Val

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