The Truth Shall Set You Free

“Trust means truly relying upon someone’s truth”

As Told By Val

To tell the truth? Or to lie? This is a question that many of us have had to ask ourselves in life. And rather the situation is something big or even the smallest thing, you have to know that the decision you make not only affects you, but the other person as well. 

When we lie, it seems to be easy at first. It’s easy because you control the narrative. You have the power in your hand and the other person doesn’t know it. So this seems easy because your the one holding the strings of the puppet show. 

But lies ultimately end up hurting more in the end. And they become harder and harder to keep up.

 Often times you have to tell more lies to cover up the first lie you told. And before you know it, you are caught in a web of lies. 

And the truth is, lies hurt more in the end. They hurt because of the betrayal that they leave in the path.Trust means truly relying upon someone’s truth. So when lies are told the trust is automatically broken. 

When we lie to someone, we don’t give them a chance to make the decision to forgive or not. And forgiveness is healing. So the bandages that are slapped on with the lies are only prolonging the process of healing.

The truth seems like it is hard at first. When we tell the truth we give the other person the power. Now they are running the show and have the ultimate decision of whether to forgive or not. 

But the Truth shall set you free. The truth may hurt at first but it allows the healing to begin. 

So yes lies are easy but they hurt worse in the end. And yes the truth may seem hard and like the harder pill to swallow, but it is needed for yourself and the other person.

The truth will set you both free. It will set you free from carrying the burden of a lie. And it will set them free to decide to forgive you or not and ultimately heal or not. 

And I think that it’s better to heal than just put a bandage on it. So chose the truth my readers. No matter how hard it may seem. The truth shall set you free. 

 -As Told By Val

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