Trials Come To Make You Stronger!!

Sometimes life has a way of really knocking you down and humbling you. Everything can be going fine in your life and you be at an all-time high, then boom you hit a wall and everything comes crashing down around you.

This is the Trial. This is the test. This is the moment where you have to fight in life and find your strength. Trials come to make us stronger. They say adversity builds character and I believe it.

If we did not have Trials in life, we wouldn’t feel to pressure for growth. If life was always easy, we would have no reason to be thankful and give praise for the good days. I have found that when you go through something you always come through stronger, wiser, and better than before.

But it is hard when you are going through the trials because sometimes you just don’t see the rainbow after the storm. When you look at the present circumstances, they may seem like you won’t be able to get through this test.

But just know that Trials don’t last long. Know that the Trial came to make you strong. Know that weeping may endure for the night but Joy comes in the morning. Everything that was meant for your bad is now working together for your good.

We have to go through something in order to breakthrough something. So if you are facing a trial in life right now my readers, just know that the Trial comes to make us strong. Keep hope, keep faith and keep on pushing.

-As Told By Val

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