Live For Today!!

Hurt and pain are a part of life. You have some good days and some bad days. Sometimes you have to go through things that are meant to change you and teach you.

You have to take the good with the bad. But the one thing is certain. The sun will always shine again. There is always tomorrow.

Everyday that we wake up, we have been given a fresh grace. We have been given an opportunity to take a new path in life.

Life doesn’t go on by the steps we already took, but by the ones we are taking.

You don’t have to be a slave to your past. Just because you took one road yesterday doesn’t mean you have to take that route again today.

And people will try to judge you off your past because the things you do leave footprints behind for others to see. So they see your steps winding down that other path.

But they will also see your growth and your change. They will have no choice but to see you walking down that new path if you decide to take it.

So just know that the past can’t define you. You always have a chance to reinvent yourself. To take a new path of change.

So take the good with the bad and always remember that no matter how bad things were yesterday, you have a chance at a new start today. Live for today my readers!!

-As Told By Val

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