I’ll Get The Last Laugh!!

The Love we shared was a toxic mix!

All the trust was broke, with no way to fix!

All the lies that you told, they replay in my head.

Now my pillow is soaking as I lay in my bed.

All the love that we shared. Was it ever even real?

All the pain that you caused, makes me hate to even feel.

But the Love I gave, it was genuine.

It withstood with you, like a the best of friends.

You mistreated me, when I gave you love.

Had me on my knees, prayed to God above.

“Lord if this is right, please send me sign.”

And boy did you show me time after time.

You wanted to change but your heart was to cold.

Now your lost without me because the lies you told.

But I’ll be ok. Im letting go of my past.

You tried to break a strong woman, but we’re built to last.

So if you are reading this, let me state this fact.

You might be laughing now, but I’ll get the last laugh!!

-As Told By Val

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