These Are The Things I Pray!!

I’m glad that I’m becoming who I am meant to be.

The fear it tried to hold me, but grace has set me free.

The past it tried to break me, but couldn’t conquer me.

And now my future’s bright, I can finally spread my wings.

I know the trials I’ve been through were meant to make me strong.

I know the sorrow I endure, that it wont last long.

I know the sun is shinning, I’ll feel its light again.

Until the day I find my love, I’ll love myself within.

I’ll laugh, I’ll pray, I’ll try new things and dance to my new tune.

I’ll sing, I’ll smile, I’ll love myself and gaze the stars and moon.

I’ll live life to the fullest, embrace life day by day.

I’ll love and grow, forgive and learn.

These are the things I pray.

-As Told By Val


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