A Father’s Love

A little girl’s first love is her father. She looks to her father to give her an example of what a man should look like.

A little girl’s father means the world to her. Almost every girl is a daddy’s girl at first, because a father is suppose to be an example of love for the daughter.

If a girl is told that she is beautiful by her father she is more likely to grow up feeling beautiful. If a girl sees her father treat women right she will often seek a man that will treat her right.

It’s a beautiful thing for a girl to have a good relationship with her father. In fact it’s a blessing. Because there is a flipside to that picture. There is the girl who didn’t grow up with her father.

There are so many girls that I know and I am included, who didn’t get to grow up with their father. And I know for me it made things harder.

I knew who my father was and I love my father don’t get me wrong. But like many father’s he wasn’t there like he should have been.

I didn’t grow up in the same household with my father. And for a little girl it tore a hole in me. I didn’t have that father figure there to show me what a man should be.

I didn’t have my father there to be the first man to assure me I’m beautiful. To treat my mother right and show me how a man should respect me.

This girl. Me. I have had a harder time at love because of my strained relationship with my father.

I feel that because I didn’t get the love I should have from my father I have searched for it in all the wrong places.

I have gone through things with men that I often feel like I wouldn’t have, had my father been there for me.

I just wanted my father to dance with me, to be there for my birthdays and holidays. To walk me down the aisle and give me away to another man, that he would approve of loving me as good as, or even better than he had.

But my reality and so many other women’s reality is that our father wasnt there. And there’s a void there that needs to be filled.

I know for me I have tried to fill that void with other men who I thought could show me what love could look like. But I have found it still hasn’t done the job yet.

I am beginninging to realize that I may never be able to undue the damage of my father not being there. I can only do my best to seek my father God’s wisdom on what Love should look like and how I should love other’s.

I just pray that one day, because my father is alive and breathing, we may be able to repair our relationship.

I just want to encourage all of my ladies today who’s father may not have been around either, that it will be ok.

To my father’s out there if you have a daughter somewhere than be there for her. Call her up and tell her she is beautiful. Be there for her because you are truly her first example of what Love from a man should look like.

So even if you have a strained relationship today do everything you can to be there for her and repair that relationship, beacause girls need their father’s love. So be a good example of Love for her. Treat women the way you want your daughters to be treated.

A Father’s Love is Powerful thing. It can truly make a difference in a girl’s life. Love your daughters, love your wives, love your aunts, sisters, mothers and show respect for women period. Thanks for reading!!

-As Told By Val

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