The Twin Story!!

I went to the doctor and to my surprise,

They said I was pregnant with two babies Inside.

I thought to myself, well how can this be??

Did we make twice the love?? Did he plant twice the seed??

The thoughts they were running so wild in my head.

As dad almost fainted and needed a bed.

Two babies? Your sure? There has to be some mistake!

Two babies!! I’m sure!!, she said with a straight face.

Oh wow, oh my, the tears filled my eyes.

It’s like winning a race and receiving an extra prize.

I thought how in the world will I carry a set of two?

So many more diapers and other things to do.

It was scary at first the complications and risk.

Double the weight, twice the hormones and double the days spent sick.

I had twice the appointments, twice the doctors and more than my fair share of pics.

I had double the carsests, double the clothes, and twice as many kicks.

But my babies have been a blessing, a double one at that!!

And if I had the choice to choose just one, I wouldn’t take them back!!

I have twice the love, twice the smiles, and twice the joy within!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed The Story Of My Twins!!

-As Told By Val

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