Happiness Vs. Joy

Happiness is an emotional state. You feel happiness when things in life are going good and the sun is shinning on your parade. But happiness is an emotion that doesn’t always last.

Often happiness fades away as our present circumstances change. When the sun stops shinning and the storm rolls in, the happiness usually goes out the door.

But Joy is not an emotional state that fluctuates based on present circumstances. Joy comes from within.

Joy is when the present circumstances come and try to knock you off course but they can’t knock you out the boat.

Joy is when the bills are stacked high and your family is falling apart and you can still find a reason to smile.

Joy is fresh every morning like the sunrise. Beacsue joy is something that can’t go away.

I have had a lot of dark days. I ‘ll ox struggled plenty in my life. So there were times when my happiness left me. But my joy remains the same.

Ive got joy deep down in my soul. And no matter where I go she refuses to leave my side.

Joy is the thing that keeps me going when my strength has failed me. Joy is what keeps me smiling when I want to break down and cry.

So just know today my readers that Joy is obtainable. You can have joy if you seek it. You should seek happiness as well, but just know that you may not always feel happy but you can always have joy.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find your joy today!!

-As Told By Val

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