I’ll Get It Right!!

Here she goes again. The girl with her head in the clouds.

She wants to pursue her dreams and make her family proud.

But who does she think she is. She should have it all mapped out.

As is life doesn’t throw curves or things don’t come about.

I know that I’m not perfect and there’s mistakes that I do make.

But do you have to kick me when I’m trying not to brake?

If you say you love me don’t hit me when im down!

And if you say you love me then just pray I come around.

I’ve been going through some things and I know that I need change.

Im trying to do things differently and finally break some chains.

I want so much in life and sometimes things take sacrifice.

But let me live my life. Please don’t give me no strife.

We both believe in the same God so know he’s by my side.

If you really know me just know I’ll get it right.

-As Told By Val

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