True Love Again

I just want someone who will love me flaws and all.

I just need someone who will catch me when I fall.

Cause lately I’ve been feeling like love’s just not my thing.

You can keep your broken promises, the lies and the ring.

You played me once so shame on you.

But after that I was the fool.

I tried to love you and keep it cool.

But you just used me like a tool.

I know my comeback you will feel.

See my next love it will be real.

No more will I settle for less.

The next man I love will pass the test.

He will be better than the rest.

He’ll make me whole, I’ll make him blessed.

Because I know that I’m a Queen.

I thought that I had found my king.

But to my surprise what I had found,

He was nothing more than just a clown.

A jester dressed up in a mask, but he could not complete the task.

Now his true colors have shined through.

You can see he’s nothing but a fool.

You know exactly what you have to do.

Remove yourself from the toxic waste.

Wipe the tears up off your face.

Get yourself back in the race.

You will find your king one day.

And the jester he will pay.

He lost out but you will win.

For you will find True Love Again!!

-As Told By Val