The Best Is Yet To Come!!

Hurt and pain is all I feel.

I’m trying to cope but it’s hard to deal.

I thought the Love that we had was real.

Now I’m unsure and you have made it unclear.

I can’t sleep at night, I toss and I turn.

I guess this is just another lesson learned.

My heart is heavy and it’s getting weak.

I can’t seem to find the word’s to speak.

You broke my heart when I gave you my Love.

Now I’m just praying for a sign from above.

I know the only thing I can do, is find myself outside of you.

What we had can be no more. It can never be like it was before.

If you love something you let it go, if it comes back then it will mean more.

But if it doesn’t you will be okay. Look towards tomorrow there will be brighter days.

This is only one chapter the story isn’t done.

I know The Best Is Yet To Come!!

-As Told By Val