I’ll See You Later!!

It’s hard for me to say goodbye to a place that I call home.

I have so many memories, it’s where my roots have grown.

From the first time that I scrapped my knee from falling at the park.

To all the times me and all my friends stayed out way past dark.

The many plays and the events that help to shape my views.

Then there was those couple times I made it on the news.

All my family and my friends that I won’t get to see.

The tears begin to feel my eyes they are a part of me.

I’ve never really been the type that was too good at goodbyes.

I’ve always been emotional, as I write with tear filled eyes.

I’m thankful that this was my home, it’s truly made me greater.

Since I’m not good at goodbyes this is I’ll See You Later!!

-As Told By Val