Healing From Hurt!!

I have been going through a lot of hurt in my life lately and it has caused me to spiral into a very uncomfortable place within myself.

The one thing about pain is, it isn’t measured by time. So often when we are in pain, we want to know when will our pain end? What I have found is that healing takes its own time.

The time it takes for me to heal may differ from the time it takes you to heal. I would say that a lot of hurt is circumstantial.

When things are going bad in your life it is easy to feel the pain. To live in the pain. To have a lack of optimism towards life because you are believing in what you see.

When you are living with hurt it can be hard to pull yourself out of the funk.

It’s not that you can’t function or make yourself get through life. It’s the quite moments when you are alone with your thoughts and forced to deal with life.

Living with hurt is not uncommon. Its so not uncommon that it has almost become normal for me and many other people.

Its like you know the hurt is there and you can feel it in your heart, but you push it to the side.

Its easier to let it sit there and hide in the shadows of your mind, rather than shine the light on the issue and actually try to move on from it.

I have been dealing with so much pain lately. I’ve been writing from a place of pain and I am ready to just let go of my hurt.

I understand that forgiveness is a key to my healing. So I am working on forgiving the ones that have hurt me. Not for them but for me.

I also know that to change my World I must first change my thinking. Then I must change the way I speak to align with my thoughts.

I know that I have been living with hurt and I don’t know the expiration date to my pain.

It may never go away, but rather I may just grow far from it and it just won’t effect me the same.

Either way I know the first step to getting over any problem is admitting that their is one in the first place.

I have began the process of my healing because I have faced the fact that I am living with hurt.

Now I just want to begin to heal. I want to forgive. I want to love myself more. I want to look back at this moment of pain in my life and grow from it.

So if you are one of many people living with hurt just know that it’s ok.

Those silent tears you cry that no one sees I have cried them. It’s ok to feel hurt, but if you have been living with it like I have, you have to ask yourself “when is the time to start healing?”

Then you have to begin to do things to help you get there. Every body’s different and the things we need to heal will differ person to person.

Just find what works for you and then make it work.

Thanks for reading and just know that I know how living with hurt feels but I am optimistic that it does go away or at least get better.

Seek your healing from hurt Today!!

-As Told By Val