Hurt by Hands That Love Me!!

I was hurt by the hands that love me.

Abused by a man that claimed that he loved me.

The same hands that held me all through the night,

Became the same hands that hurt me and wanted to fight.

That same lips that kissed me from my head to my toe.

Became the same lips to call me every bitch, slut, and hoe.

The love that was shared, somehow turned into hate.

I accepted the abuse, like a puppy I’d wait.

The cycle returned and repeated itself.

I knew that it was bad for my health.

I held unto love through the good and the bad.

There were times you made me happy and times you made me sad.

Now I know the cycle never ends it only just begins.

The only way its stops is with me.

I’m taking back my authority.

I’m no longer your punching bag.

I’m taking my freedom, and waving my flag.

What’s love got to do with it??

It’s what I now I see.

Done being Hurt by Hands That Love Me!!

-As Told By Val