Being Romantic Doesn’t Cost!!

Why is it that guys, well most guys I’ve met at least, lack romanticism?

Is chivalry dead?

What is so hard about being romantic?

I think they believe that being romantic looks a certain way like they’ve seen on movies, expensive flowers and gifts.

They think the idea of being romantic, automatically means spending money.

Being Romantic doesn’t cost!!

Romance is literally defined as a feeling of mystery and excitement associated with love, according to the Oxford Dictionary.

It’s not defined by gifts or material things, but rather a feeling you get from someone you love.

Holding open her door is being romantic.

Having dinner cooked and a bath drawn is romantic.

You can pick her dandelions and make her breakfast and it might put a smile on her face.

Rub her feet, slow dance with her, give her a massage, clean the house, take her to gaze the stars.

There are literally a thousand little things you can do to make her feel that you are trying to romance her.

Don’t wait until you get that big check to be romantic towards her. Give her your time and attention. Let her know she’s on your mind.

Because being romantic doesn’t cost. It does cost though to not be romantic. So many relationships fail because the couples simply stop making time for one another.

We live in a society that requires us to work long hours and live hectic schedules. So its easy to lose touch with yourself, let alone your mate.

So if you have a significant other, a crush or someone you love. Show them as much romance as possible. And it goes both ways. I’ll romance my man too.

Just remember this, it’s a feeling not a price tag.

Being Romantic Doesn’t Cost!!

-As Told By Val

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