Sunlight Conversations: 21 to smoke???

Good morning everyone!!

I want to introduce a new segment to my Blog called sunlight conversations!!

This is just going to be me giving you all something to think about throughout the day and hopefully starting up some conversations with my readers.

So today’s sunlight conversation is going to talk about how to they raised the smoking age from 18 to 21 here in America.

So what’s your thoughts on the matter my readers?

If you want to know my opinion on the matter, I think that it is kick in the stomach to those effected.

I mean just imagine being an 18 year old going into the store to buy your first pack of cigarettes and boom, they say you still have to wait until your 21.

That would truly suck to be them. You wait all this time and then you find out you still must wait longer.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why it was done. Too often now days, a 15 year old can pass for 18.

Some might say that they are trying to cut back on people getting addicted to smoking so early.

This is all a good reason to raise it but still it’s a little bit controlling if you ask me.

I mean how do you tell a kid that at 18 they are an adult and that they can make adult decisions. They can move out the house and lease their own homes. They can vote and be a part of national elections, but you still can’t decide if you want to smoke or not.

I mean you have to admit that it’s kind of ironic? At this point we may need to stop letting these young adults think that at 18 your are grown up.

Being 18 really doesn’t mean you get the full benefits of an adult. I just think that by raising the smoking age you are raising the age of adulthood.

Not saying that smoking makes you an adult because it doesn’t. But the ability to decide if you want to smoke is an adult decision, that adults get to make. Now what they are saying is that if you are 18, you still can’t make a lot of decisions for yourself.

Now that is just my opinion, but I am sure that many others feel otherwise. What’s your opinion on the matter? Should 18 year olds be able to smoke? Do you agree with the change?

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Thank you all for reading and I hope that you enjoy my new sunlight conversations segment.

Let’s start the conversations that need to be had.

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-As Told By Val