Sunlight Conversations: Meme Generation!!

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So this mornings Sunlight conversation, is going to talk about how we live in a generation of Memes!!

If anybody doesn’t know what Meme is? It’s a picture with words, like a message or a joke.

So what I mean by a Meme Generation, is that we live in a generation of quick facts.

Memes are a huge thing now. Just look down your Facebook timeline, it’s at least half full or memes.

People love to get their information in a quick and simple form. And what better way to spread a message than to send out a quick meme.

I don’t know who made them so popular but they are definitely a big thing now. I love a good meme.

My only concern is that people are not reading enough anymore. I mean sure they are reading, but it’s their Facebook timeline.

I am not categorizing everyone. I know there are people still out there, who appreciate a good read.

What I am talking about is the vast majority of people, who simply do not read anything that has more than 50 words.

I mean I have talked to kids who tell me that, they hate to read anything. They would rather listen to something or watch it on a video.

There is a reason why they say that reading is fundamental, because it truly trains the mind to soak in information.

A good book is full of lots of information. A nice long article is going to contain some information.

So there is nothing wrong with memes and short information, but we must not forget about the power of reading and writing.

We must still read to our children everyday. We need to send our children home with homework and books to read.

As the technology age increases and we continue to find more ways to put out information, let us not forget that reading is important.

We don’t want to become a people that is totally depending upon technology and then, God forbid, it all shuts down and no one even knows how to read a map.

Because if we don’t seek knowledge it won’t find us.

So I hope you enjoyed this mornings Sunlight Conversation!!

What’s your thoughts on this topic do you think that we are living in a meme generation? Do you believe people still value good reading? Well if you read this then I know that you do.

Leave a comment and let me know your opinion.

Let’s have some conversations.

Thanks for Reading!!

-As Told By Val