Sunlight Conversations: Discouraged to Encouraged!!

Good afternoon everyone!

Welcome to sunlight conversations!!

Today’s conversations is going to talk about turning Discouragement into encouragement.

We are living in a world where it is so easy to get discouraged.

Most of us are living as the 99%. We are struggling and just barely getting by. We work hard to enjoy life and sometimes we still fall short

You turn on the news and there is so much conflict and natural disasters that it could make you cry.

The price of living is at an all time high. You work to live and live to work.

So how can a person be encouraged in such a discouraging world?

How can you have hope for the future when the present looks so dark sometimes?

Well everyone, I don’t have the answer.

If I had it, believe I would be selling you right on this blog.

I don’t really believe that there is a solid answer or solution.

I would say that what you can do is, just take it moment by moment.

Try to focus on what’s immediately happening in your life. What are the things you can control right now?

Tomorrow has it’s own worries. Today all you can do is live and try to make the best of whatever situation you are in.

You can’t stop yourself from feeling discouragement. Like any emotion, we don’t control when they arise.

What I am working on though, is not allowing myself to live in these emotions.

I pray to God and read my Bible when I begin to get anxious. I go for a walk or play with my children.

I write out my feelings on my blog. I do whatever I can to just be encouraged. I turn my discouragement into encouragement.

I started this day off discouraged but as I write and I sit with my children and watch them play I am now encouraged.

I know that I have to be strong for them and show them that inner peace is something that this world can’t take from you.

So if you are feeling discouragement today just do what you can to get through it.

Smile if it helps! Talk to someone! Pray! Praise! Cry! Shout! Run! Write! Read or Sing!!

Just do what you can to encourage yourself. You never know when your situation will turn around. Just be still and focus in your happiness now.

That’s all I have for now. I can only give so much of this good inspiration out at once.

Seriously though, do all you can to be encouraged in this world full of Discouragement!!

Thank you all for reading!!

-As Told By Val