Sunlight Conversations:  Companionship!!

Good morning everyone and welcome to sunlight conversations.

I wonder how it was the very first time that a man and a woman laid eyes on one another? I wonder If they were in total awe of each other?

I mean think of it, two human beings sitting there naked.

Him with his broad shoulders and his chiseled chest.

Her with her big eyes and her succulent breasts.

Both of them just sitting there in awe of each other.

They didn’t know what it was like to be kindred with another soul.

They had to learn one another.

In the garden where they laid, they found out what it would be like to be one with another human.

They had to grow together.

They learned what it was like to have companionship.

To have another persons heart beat next to yours.

To feel the warmth of another persons skin against your skin.

Ever since then the need for companionship began.

The need to be around another human.

The need for communication and conversation.

There is a reason why God created a helper for Adam. Someone to keep him sane and be the compliment to his weaknesses.

I don’t believe that we as humans are meant to be alone.

There are some that have mastered being alone and others who prefer it, but most of us prefer another’s companionship.

It doesn’t have to be a lover, even though it’s ideal, it can be a friend or a family member, just another humans companionship.

So I just think that in my opinion, there is definitely a need for companionship in life.

It’s ok to be alone sometimes too, because it’s good to know one’s self.

What is life though, without someone to share and make memories with?

That’s why from the beginning of time there has been love and the need for us to be around one another in communion.

So cherish the ones that love you and are in your space.

I have found that once they are gone you miss their presence.

Cherish companionship!!

Thank you all for reading!!

-As Told By Val