Sunlight Conversations: Do Dreams Come True??

Good morning everyone and welcome to sunlight conversations!

Today I want to discuss the topic of dreams and if they do come true?

When I say dreams, I mean the things that you aspire to do an be.

Like I would say “I dream of being a movie star one day.”

I think as a child, most people have a dream, or an idea of what they want to be when they grow up.

How many of those dreams come true though? How many times has a dream been deferred?

I feel like they do come true, but only to those who believe in them and don’t give up.

I can say personally that I have not achieved my dreams yet.

I’m not a big actress and blogger like I may have dreamed when I was a child.

So do I just give up hope and work a regular job for the rest of my life?

Or do I continue to pursue my dreams even when I am not seeing the results of my ambitions paying off?

I refuse to believe that dreams don’t come true. I refuse to believe that it can happen for another person but not for me.

I know that I must keep writing and keep auditioning and keep my hope until my dream comes true.

I know that I may not see them come true today, tomorrow or even a year from now, but I must keep believing.

Once you stop believing in your dreams you may as well just stop caring about life.

I see so many people who just work and pay bills and have no asiprations for their future.

They have let their dreams die and they are just living life to get by.

I think that most people get discouraged when their dreams don’t come true in the time they wanted them to.

They get denied too many times and think that it means it wasn’t meant for them.

Denial doesn’t mean defeat. It just means that it’s simply not your time yet. It’s not your season to shine yet.

So if you ask me do dreams come true, I will tell you that they do.

They come true to those who believe.

They come true to those who don’t take “No” for an answer.

Dreams come true for those who don’t stop dreaming.

So if you have a dream today my readers just know that it can and it will happen for you.

Don’t give up, keep believing and keep pursuing your dreams!!

Dreams do come true!!

Thank you all for reading.

-As Told By Val

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