Sunlight Conversations: Moms are Super Heroes!!

No one ever told me that life would be easy.

I wasn’t born with any silver spoons, nor did I have a head start in life.

My mother was a single mom and she did her best, but we were never rich.

I watched my mom struggle to raise us, me and my 4 siblings.

I think of all the nights she must of stayed up crying, thinking of how she would make ends meet to take care of us.

There is something so special about a mother and the love she gives. She could be exhausted from life, with little left to give herself and she still finds love in her heart to give.

Now that I am going through my situation and dealing with the struggle of single mom life, I understand her strength.

There have been several days in the last few months that I have sat back and I have wondered how do I get through this?

Everytime, I look to my mother and other single moms that I know and I see that it’s not easy but it gets done.

Yes I am tired but I still have to get up and take care of my family.

Yes I am confused as to why and want to know which way to go, but I still must go.

There are times that moms want to break down and do just that, but they find a way to pull through.

Mom’s are Super Heroes!!

Our greatest strength is that we don’t give up, no matter what life throws at us.

So I don’t know how my mom made it, raising five kids alone, but she made it, and did it with grace.

So if you are a mother just know that I salute you!

Nobody deserves more praise than a mother.

So as you go through the day take time to thank your mother or pat yourself on the back.

I know that it’s not easy but I also know it gets better later.

Your children will appreciate all you do one day, well I certainly do appreciate mines.

Thank you all for reading and remember to appreciate mother’s. Without their sacrifices where would we all be??

Have a great day!!

-As Told By Val