Push Through!!

I felt lost and alone, without a place to call home.

In my weaknesses I searched for the strength to be strong.

In the mist of my tears I reached out to be freed.

All along I didn’t know that I had planted a seed.

I need to get back to the place I once was.

Happy and hopeful and glowing from love.

Now I must learn to fully love me.

Give God my cares and then let them be.

I know that it’s time to find peace again.

I’m starting to see I’m my own Best Friend!!

The past is the past, time to put it to rest.

Today’s a new day, I have to give it my best.

No it’s not easy to get Up again.

Sometimes all that you can do is stand.

Everyday that passes brings a hope that’s brand new.

So I’ll just keep on pushing until I Push Through!!

-As Told By Val