Love Note To Me!!

I Love you too much to ever let you go!

I promise to build you up from your soul.

No one can show you love more than me.

When I look at you, let me tell you what I see.

A girl who somehow lost her way.

Believed the lies that others would say.

She loved so hard, but forgot to love herself.

Eventually, it weighed on her health.

Her mental state began to slip.

With each passing day, the depression sunk in.

“I don’t want to feel this!! When will this end?”

Can’t fake the funk!

This ain’t no play pretend!

“There is no way you will make it out!”

“You don’t even know what you’re sad about!”

Those are the words that you used to hear.

It began to cause you to live in fear.

Because what if what you feared most has come true?

The day that you stopped loving you.

The time your self esteem would drown.

You felt you were lost and could not be found.

But I can Love you better now!!

Believe in me, someway, somehow.

Please don’t give up, because I love you too much.

I promise you that I will keep in touch.

Everyday I will make you believe,

No one will love you more than me.

Your beautiful and I hope that’s what you see,

This is a love note that I wrote to me!!

-As Told By Val

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