Strength in the Storm!!

The greatest storm of my life came in and I thought it was going to break me.

I had lost control, running to and fro, trying to run so it wouldn’t take me.

But I couldn’t hide. It was far and wide, there was no way around.

I thought I was dead, almost lost my head, I had sunk but I didn’t drown.

It reminded me of a story, about disciples on a boat.

A storm came in, they were panicking and so Jesus they awoke.

But he said to them, what is there to fear, o ye of little faith!!

Then he calmed the storm, just to show the men, that with Jesus they would make it!!

When Peter looked away, is when he began to sink, because he turned away in fear.

But before he could sink, Jesus pulled him out, because his help is always near.

So when the Storm comes in, it’s just a test of faith, so please don’t look away.

But if you do, just know that God will still answer when you pray.

The storms will come, but don’t give up. Hold on a little longer.

Because if you do, I promise you that the storm will make you stronger!!

-As Told By Val

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